Impact Studies

Since our inception in 2004, PRG has become a leader in low-cost rigorous efficacy research. PRG helps clients determine the causal effects of innovations, programs, and policies at the local, state, and national level. We employ randomized controlled trials as well as quasi-experimental techniques, including statistical and econometric procedures that are designed to approximate randomized designs. 

Program Evaluations

PRG conducts evaluations to help our partners implement practices, policies, or programs at any stage of development. PRG helps clients by providing them with an external assessment of implementation, outputs, and fidelity. Each evaluation is unique, and PRG works collaboratively with partners to specify a plan, set objectives, and define concepts and measures prior to implementation.

Qualitative Analyses

We employ qualitative research to develop exploratory hypotheses, to better understand the needs and perspectives of constituencies, and to investigate contextual questions that may arise from our confirmatory and quantitative inquiries. PRG has expertise in conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups with a variety of populations.

Survey Development & Administration

PRG has expertise in survey development and administration for randomized controlled trials, needs assessments, and implementation evaluations. Achieving high quality and trustworthy data is the foundation for producing excellent research. PRG staff ensure that the data collection and processing procedures are implemented with the highest levels of precision. Our analysts have years of experience implementing evidence-based strategies to successfully maintain contact with and collect data from hard-to-reach populations. For research projects that demand rigorous follow-up, PRG regularly achieves response rates higher than 85%. PRG offers instrument development and design, protocol development, quantitative and qualitative survey pre-testing, as well as paper-, online-, or telephone-based survey administration. PRG can translate instruments into non-English languages and integrate Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) survey software into instruments as needed.

Needs Assessments

PRG conducts systematic assessments to identify needs and service gaps of specific populations. Through needs assessments, PRG provides clients with data and analyses that can improve service quality and inform policy, resource allocation, and operational decisions.


Meta-analysis is a systematic review that applies statistical procedures to combine data from multiple studies that address the same research question. Using primary or secondary data sources, PRG can conduct meta-analyses to test the efficacy of an intervention or policy.